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Wooden Alphabet Trains

These wooden trains are made by a friend of mine, Dawn Petty, who lives here in Bird City, Kansas, also.  The wood that is used for these trains is from some window frames, some doors and some flooring from old houses in Bird City.  Dawn takes the wood and cuts the various parts for the trains - the engines, cabooses, flat cars and letters out of this antique wood.  None of the wood that we use is newer than 1926. 


After she cuts these pieces out, I paint them with acrylic paints and spray them with acrylic matte spray.  Then we put the magnets on them, drill them and place the wheels on them and then touch up with paint.  Then they are ready to go. 

  The engines measure about 4-1/4" long, 2-1/4" high and 1-1/8" across. The caboose measures about 2-5/8" long, about 1-1/2" high and about 1-1/4" across. The cars with letters measure about 3 inches long, about 2-1/4" high, and about 1-1/4" across. The magnets on these cars allow the trains to go around corners, and still keep the cars connected.

4 Letter Train

4 Letter Train with Engine & Caboose

This adorable 4 letter train with engine and caboose will be a great gift for that special boy or girl in your life.  These are each one handcrafted and hand painted with magnets so they will easily turn and not come apart easily.

Price:  $29.50


Here are pictures of additional letter cars and blank cars as well as engines and cabooses that we have.


Engine & Caboose Set

Engine & Caboose

This adorable engine and caboose you will need for each train.  As you can see each one is a one of a kind engine and caboose. 


Price:  $11.50


Alphabet Cars

Individual Alphabet Cars

     You can purchase any letters that you would like to go with the Engine and  Caboose. 


Price:  $4.50



Blank Cars

Individual Blank Cars

     You may want to place a blank car between two names or between the first and last name of your child.

Price:  $2.50




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