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These books make great gifts for Christmas, Birthday or any other special day of the year.  These exciting stories are printed with a laser printer, and along with the delightful pictures are bound into wonderful books with a hard cover that can be easily cleaned and kept as a collectible for years to come.

          When you order these, I will e-mail you with the information that I need from you for each book.  The books take different information, so I will e-mail you as soon as I receive the order and then I will be able to personalize the books before I print them.

My Tea Party - Personalized Book


My Tea Party

Planning a party for friends requires hard work and aforethought. First she must decide who to invite and what to serve, then, what type of decorations are necessary. Setting up for the party, getting properly dressed and many other important things are valuable lessons learned here. Your child will find out what it takes to throw a perfectly special gathering and all the proper manners that goes with it.  We have 5 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

Special Delivery - Personalized Book


Special Delivery

A beautifully illustrated baby book becomes a unique way of treasuring your child's birth and makes an adorable, life-long family keepsake. The story records all the special details of your child's birth but is presented using cuddly characters like "Topper the Turtle", "Squeeky Squirrel" and "Bouncy Bunny", all of whom will keep this book interesting for your baby, even when he's (or she's) not a baby anymore.   We have 24 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

My Fishing Adventure - Personalized Book


My Fishing Adventure


Available in either children's or Grown-Up's versions. This fishy tale begins when your child or adult falls asleep and dreams about the big fishing contest. Transformed into a Fishing Bear named Bobber, he or she manages to overcome those fishing challenges to catch the biggest fish ever seen.

The children’s version is cute and will “catch” your child’s attention, while the adult version pokes fun at the one who always catches the biggest fish. At the end of the book, the child’s version allows your kid to record details such as their favorite fish to catch and eat, while the adult version includes additional space to record their favorite beverage and excuse. We have 15 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

McGruff and Me - Personalized Book


Mc Gruff & Me

"Be Smart, Be Safe" with this ingenious safety book.  McGruff spends the day with your child at school teaching crime prevention.

We have 4 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

The Big Circus - Personalized Book


The Big Circus
"Step Right Up and See the Show” as your child leads the big circus brigade. When one of the clowns gets sick, your child is asked to take his place and lead the circus through the Big-Top on the back of Big Ben the elephant. Lion Tamers, Trapeze Artists, Stunt-Clowns, and trained seals can’t steal the show from your little boy or girl. This is their moment to be a part of the Greatest Show On Earth!

We have 19 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

Sports Book - Personalized Book


The Sports Book
The most important lessons in team-play are friendship and sportsmanship. After anxiously sleeping the night before the competition, your child feels muscle soreness and wonders how he or she will perform. It turns out that the pain was too much to play well and the opposing team disappointingly wins the game. Of course the coach gives praise to your child’s team for “giving 100 percent” but sadness over the loss is dismissed after the game when all the team-mates joke and have fun with your child. All the players get a “participation trophy” for their efforts and these are the greatest lessons of team sports.

We have 5 in stock.

Price:  $12.50


My Christmas Wish
Your child visits the North Pole and delivers a very special gift to Santa Claus.

We have 17 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

My Golf Adventure - Personalized Book


My Golf Adventure

This book takes a comical and humorous approach to your golfer’s very own personal style and will personalize their golfer profile. If you know the avid golfer well, then you know they will appreciate the truth’s about them in this story. The only thing safe from their golf shots are the fairway’s…worms, trees, ducks, fish, and birds are in mortal danger.
Every swing produces a specific result…the “Worm Burner, the “Skull Shot”, the “Pop-Fly”, and the most favorite of all, the “Ooops, that’s a mulligan”. This book lets your golfer have no problem shooting a 42…on the first hole, but he or she finishes nicely at the 19th hole. Perfect for putters ages 9 – 90.  We have 6 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

Hockey - Personalized Book


When illness strikes the hockey team members, your child takes their place and saves the game! Even though “the kid” is a little young and inexperienced, the coach of the team calls him or her to play. After an “official hockey-looking guy” rings the front doorbell, your child is taken to the arena. The coach comments that he/she must be the youngest player in the whole world. The game is intense and goes into overtime after the third period. The youngest player doesn't get any ice time, it’s still great just to be there in the best seats ever. Finally, the coach calls your child in during the final minutes to save the game!  We have 3 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

Sibling Book - Personalized Book


The Sibling Book
This makes a terrific gift for the older child at a time when the baby seems to be receiving all the attention. Coping with the arrival of a new baby can be very difficult for some children. This lovely story will help your older child to understand that although new babies require a lot of your time, being an older brother or sister can be a lot of fun.  We have 15 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

The Silver Swan - Personalized Book


The Silver Swan
Your child flies off on a magical adventure with an enchanted swan, an elf, and a beautiful princess. While reading this curious book, something wonderful happens...”Strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry pie, Come fly with us through the magical sky"...That is what the princess and shining, silver swan says to your child after magically coming to life right out of the pages of the book. Together, they ride upon the swan through the forest and into the clouds in search of a friend, Twinkle the Elf. This is an adventure they will never forget!

We have 11 in stock.

Price:  $12.50

Graduation Book with White Cover - Personalized Book

Graduation Book with Dark Blue Cover - Personalized Book


Graduation Book
Your new Graduate will appreciate this keepsake book that features their name, the name of their school, the year, teacher's names, friend's names and more written into a story. As the new graduate starts a new phase in his or her life, the pride from the accomplishment will be documented in the pages of this book.
We have either white or dark blue covers. 

   Click drop down arrow to order the right color pins and star.