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These books make great gifts for Christmas, Birthday or any other special day of the year.  These exciting stories are printed with a laser printer, and along with the delightful pictures are bound into wonderful books with a hard cover that can be easily cleaned and kept as a collectible for years to come.
When you order these, I will e-mail you with the information that I need from you for each book.  The books take different information, so I will e-mail you as soon as I receive the order and then I will be able to personalize the books before I print them.

God's Special Gifts to Me - Personalized Book


God's Special Gifts to Me
Excellent illustrations accent this wonderful Christian book. Every day, there is so much to be thankful for. This personalized story deals with your child's God given senses, like sight, hearing, tastes, and smells and touch. Your child will explore these senses with illustrations showing examples of butterflies for sight, good food for taste, music for sounds and more.

 We have 5 in stock.

Price:  $12.50


My Book of Prayers - Personalized Book


My Book of Prayers
When you talk to God, it’s called praying...This lovely non-denominational book helps children learn how easy it is to pray. Your child will learn that he or she can pray to God anywhere they go in this whole wide world that He has made. The book will help them find the words to say when they want to thank Him for all He does for us throughout the day. It also includes some beautifully written prayer poems. This beautiful inspirational book is a must have for every young church-going child!

 We have 10 in stock.

Price:  $12.50


Noah - Personalized Book


A wonderful book which tells the popular biblical story of Noah's Ark and his animal friends. Not only will your child learn the story of Noah’s Ark, but he or she will also see text from the Bible. After explaining why God was not pleased with Man, Noah becomes the re-builder of earth’s creatures.  This beautiful and detailed rendition of the dramatic original story will draw your child in as it is written in a way which is easy for them to understand and enjoy. They will read it over and over again!  We have 15 in stock.

Price:  $12.50


Personalized Book - The Story of Christmas


The Story of Christmas
The celebration of this highest of Holy Days is about the love that is shared by all man-kind and the gifts of God. This book speaks directly to your child when describing how Gabriel the Angel came to Nazareth to visit Mary. Of course this visit was to share the news of the gift that God had given become the mother of the Son of God. Gifts are great, but help your child always remember why we give them with this beautiful Christian book.  We have 18 in stock.

Price:  $12.50


Precious Moments - Personalized Baby Book


Lifetime of Blessing
This is a book that tells the story of your child's birth along with the delightful pictures of Precious Moments.  We have 5 in stock.

Price:  $12.50


Let Us Thank God - Personalized Book


Let Us Thank God
An inspiration that gives your child examples of things we should be thankful for! Presented by Gabriel, he teaches many of the reasons why we give thanks to God. God has given us all the joys we are able to experience through our five senses. Each page of this inspirational book talks about something for us to pray about, and then offers the prayers. Even the family pet gets a mention. The final page has a wonderfully written 21 line prayer that your child can recite each day!  We have 19 in stock.

Price:  $12.50