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Tea Bag Fold Cards

Tea Bag Folding

Tea bag folding originated in Holland. Credit for its origin is given to a woman named Tiny van der Plaas. Sitting at her table, worrying about a birthday card for her sister that she had forgotten to pick up, Tiny van der Plaas began folding her fruit tea bag envelope. This gave her an idea and, also, gave birth to tea bag folding.

These tea bag fold cards are one of a kind.  I can no longer get a lot of the patterned tea bag pieces, so if you want one, you need to order it now.  You can e-mail me for the postage of sending the card(s) to you, and I will let you know what your total will be.  If you go ahead and purchase on the website, we will return the extra amount of shipping and handling, over $1.00, that our shopping cart charged you, by PayPal or check - whatever payment you sent when you ordered these.

All of the cards have printed on the back of them, Cards & Gifts by Wanda - Bird City, Kansas, which is the name of the Shop that I have in Bird City, and also the domain name that we own.


Tea Bag Folded General Birthday Cards, Page 1

Tea Bag Folded Family Birthday Cards, Page 1

Tea Bag Folded Family Birthday Cards, Page 2

Tea Bag Folded Family Birthday Cards, Page 3

Tea Bag Folded Thinking of You Cards

Tea Bag Folded Get Well Cards

Tea Bag Folded Sympathy Cards

Tea Bag Anniversary Cards

Tea Bag Thank You Cards