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Welcome to Dowdy Treasures, your online store for collectibles and handcrafted gift items, wooden western kits for yourself to make up or for your young people who need something to do, personalized books for children and adults, jewelry, craft supplies and collectibles - such as adorable stuffed animals and outfits for any special day.  These include many delightful bears, pigs, cows, and adorable outfits to fit these.  We also have unique collectible outfits that were made 30 or 40 years ago by Tender Heart Treasures.

Click on the items on the left side of your screen to go to that page of the website.  This will not work if the items are not underlined.  We have not finished with those pages yet.

      Keep checking back often.  I will be adding new items daily.

        New Item - Check out our new handcrafted antique wooden alphabet trains made from old wood from Bird City, Kansas.



  April Birthstone Angel Kit       

 15 inch Dark Brown Teddy Bear  Covered Wagon Kit   Windmill Kit    


15 inch Panda Bear  15 inch Pink and Tan Bear   Little One, Little One - Personalized Book   One of our collectibles - Tender Heart Beart Cowboy Kate Outfit  One of our collectibles - Tender Heart Bear Miss 9 to 5 Outfit     One of our collectibles - Tender Heart Mess Kit Accessories

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 This website was updated on April 19, 2017

To contact us:

Wanda Dowdy
P. O. Box 146
Bird City, KS 67731

If you live in Canada and wish to purchase something, please e-mail with what the items are that you would like to purchase and I will get these ready and take them to the post office to see how much the shipping will be.  Then I will e-mail you back with the total price for the items and the shipping.  Then you will pay me with a money order payable in U. S. funds and then I will get these items ready to ship to you.  Again the bank tells me that it takes 7 - 1- working days for this money order to clear, so it will still take awhile for you to receive your order.  Of course you could pay me with PayPal, but not through my website - just like an e-check.  Sorry about this, but shipping is expensive for Canadian orders.  I know some people have U. S. post office boxes and use these to get shipments cheaper, but then you have to travel to these cities, so it probably costs about the same.